Bird watching tour in Nepal is an activity of watching and observing birds at their natural habitat. Bird watching tour is done for recreational as well as educational purpose. It can be done by looking birds with naked eye to using various tools and gadgets where naked eye won’t reach. Bird watching tour is much loved activity among nature lovers as it is a very soothing activity to do.

Bird watching in Nepal is very peaceful and relaxing as you watch birds at their natural habitat doing things, singing songs, etc. Bird watching tour is like observing life in the same universe from different perspective.

Bird watching not only improves your mental health but your physical fitness too. Bird watching tour in Nepal is not always an easy tasks to do. Sometimes, bird watching requires adventures too. Bird watching requires climbing mountains and hills, going to not-used-to places. Now doing these activities requires hell lot of energy which in return helps to keep ourselves fit.

Bird watching tour in Nepal is a very popular thing done in Naturally Nepal Tour by tourists as well as Nepalese people as Nepal is full of natural environment from east to west including the Kathmandu Valley where we can find larger number of birds of different species inside valley too.

Research has shown that more than 850 species of birds are found in Nepal which is around 8 % of the total population of birds recorded all around the world. Which means that you can see species of birds that live in Himalayas to those that live in the hottest region of Nepal, Terai. That’s a lot from a single country! Until now you may have pretty much realized why Nepal is the best spot for bird watching and why bird watching is a thing to do.

Nepal has two globally important areas of especially high biodiversity classified as conservation hotspots, namely Central Himalayas and the Eastern Himalayas hotspots. Major areas for Bird watching tour in Nepal include national parks like the Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park, Langtang National Park, and also the Koshi-Tappu and Shivapuri wildlife preserves. You can also opt for a leisurely trek along Langtang valley and the Annapurna range, it is a wonderful way to combine stunning scenery with exotic birdwatching.

EHT Travel will  provide you the opportunity to witness some of the endangered birds like Impeyan Pheasant, the Spiny Babbler and Danfe considered as Nepal's national bird. You can see the packages for different areas.

Bird watching tour in Nepal Packages