Festival Tour in Nepal lets you experience unique and diverse rich culture and take part in celebration of Nepalese festival with warm-hearted Nepalese people. Nepal is multi-cultural and multi-religious nation. There are more than 120 ethnic groups and almost all the communities have their own language, culture and festival thus, Nepal has festivals almost full year in one or other communities. So the best part about the Festival tour in Nepal is that you can get to witness all the events and celebrations that are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and in large numbers the way it used to be hundreds of years ago.

Nepal is a home of festivals and celebration therefore, connected with religion, tradition, rituals, customs and social events. Having more than 120 ethnic communities in Nepal who have almost festivals and Jatras every day which makes feels like each day is full of joy and cultural events. Most of the Nepalese festival celebrated are observed with regard to the lunar calendar. Therefore, the festival do not have the specific day matching solar calendar or English calendar's date. Such that you have to plan your Festival tour package in Nepal accordingly. Moreover, some of the festival falls on trekking season of Nepal mainly the great festival of Hindu, Dashain and Tihar, in such a way you can see Festival tour in Nepal and do Trekking and Tour in Nepal at the meantime.

Most of the festivals and cultural events in Nepal including marriage ceremony are celebrated with music and songs. Most of fairs celebrated in Nepal have religious connotation and Music is integral part celebrations. Vijaya Dashami (Dashain), is the longest and the most important festival of Nepal, known for significance of family gatherings and playing traditional swing (Ping). Similarly, Dipawali (Tihar) is another important festival among Nepalese. The celebration begin with worshipping animals like crow, dog and cow along with sister providing tika to brother at the last day praying for his prosperity to god. Besides, other important festivals are Lhosar, Buddha Jayanti, Jatras, Chhat Parba, Holi, Ramadan, Maha Shivaratri, Janai purnima (Rakhsya bandhan), Krishna Janmaasthami, Ram Nawami and many others. With majority Hindus people, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Kiratis, Sikhs etc live in Nepal and they have their unique cultural standards and festivals they follow. Nepal is occupied with these vibrant festivals of different community throughout the year who live in complete harmony and intercultural friendships.

EHT Travel provides you Festival tour package in Nepal to witness the Nepalese lifestyle, how they celebrate and take part with them, their traditions, culture and cultural heritages, the main attraction of tourism of Nepal. Festival tours with outdoor tour in Nepal like safari, river rafting, trekking and sight-seeing would be the best way to know Nepal.

Festival Tour in Nepal Packages