Geared up to take on the Himalayas? If you are one of those people who needs frequent adrenaline rush in their life and loves riding bike then Himalayan Bike Adventure in Nepal is for you !!

Riding bikes has always been a fun thing to do. Most riders say that bike riding is like experiencing freedom. Especially, when bike riding is not just bike riding but an adventure too. That’s what Himalayan bike adventure in Nepal is all about. Nepal Himalayan bike adventure is riding bike to the unreal places like high hills and mountains, jungles to snow, where your legs won’t help you to reach. Ride epic Motorcycle Journeys that will take you to the frontiers and beyond. The adventure offered for the adventurers, we ride the iconic BMW GS series to go where very few have gone before. Guided by an expert rider, you will traverse multitudes of terrains that will challenge and inspire you with its rugged beauty, spectacular views, local culture and the life changing experience that comes with it.

Being a country where top of the world, Mt. Everest is located, you might understand why Himalayan bike adventure in Nepal. Nepal has the best tracks and routes available for Himalayan bike adventure whether you want to see the cold high mountains or shining hills rising above the clouds. And for those who loves riding in an off road, where adventure meets skills, Nepal would be best place for Himalayan bike adventure. Imagine what it feels to see down from those high altitude places; what an amazing view it would be! As Nepal is composed by natural scenery, from high mountains to plain green land, you wouldn’t miss lot of those by riding a bike. Nepal has tons of awesome places, best suited for bike touring and even the climate here is supportive. Views are not better without the proper climate but in Nepal, you do not need to worry about that cause climate condition of Nepal agrees with us.

We have expert local knowledge and connections, and all out trips are meticulously planned to deliver a safe and enriching travel experience. The best part of our operation is riding the routes ourselves and making sure they pass our requirements and high attention to detail is given to weather, road condition and accommodation. We provide the iconic BMW GS series adventure-sport bike for the tour as it is one of the best bike for whatever circumstances will be coming when on the adventure as we believe that our fleet of BMW 700 GS and 800 GS is the perfect choice for ultimate adventures such as these. Join us and ride the very top motorcycle touring destinations in the world. So, if you ever feel like or want to take a break from your normal work life and go for something adventurous experience which involves riding bike then roam no more travel agencies but us as we are the best in this game. If you are interested in Himalayan bike adventure in Nepal then EHT Travel would be the best place for you to come visit. We have different packages available under Himalayan bike adventure. You can join whichever package suits you the best.

Himalayan bike adventure in Nepal Packages