The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked sovereign state located in South Asia, the paradise beholding staircase to the top of the world.It is sandwiched between India to the south, west & east and north to China. Naturally Nepal Tour lets you witness one of the most diverse topography with the majestic Himalayas standing on the north, the lowland plains to the south and the pristine hills in between serving you distinctive rich culture, heritage and tradition being practiced for centuries. Also known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, The Light of Asia, Nepal is a home to people blending all types of religion harmony, Hinduism and Buddhism among others have coexisted in perfect harmony for many millennia. Naturally Nepal Tour has a unique landscape that stretches from the peak of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world to the Terai plains where diverse human culture, exotic wildlife, flora & fauna can be found. Nepal, although being a small country is extremely rich in its natural and cultural heritages.

Naturally Nepal Tour presents you breathtaking beauty and variety of tourism escapade found nowhere else where visiting once is not enough for travelers and lures back them to explore more of its fascinating scenic paradise. Naturally Nepal Tour Package has lot to offer with range from cultural aspect to natural scenic tour with recreation hike and treks accompanying major mountaineering adventures. Nepal provides various types of holidays for travelers, trekkers and explorers. Apart from mountain ranges where cooler alpine climate to arctic zone temperatures of ice resides, Nepal is a country with green hills and valley ranging from sub-tropical to lowland plain in south which makes the country exotic destination. Besides mountain, Nepal is steeped with full of ancient history and culture which includes old monuments, ancient historic temples listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Nepal’s natural beauty, ancient history, culture, tradition, festivals and ethnic food attract and motivate tourists to visit, see and consume. Alongside, Nepal's geography and climate amazes tourists for travelling. Though the climate of Nepal is moderate, the best season to visit Nepal is in Autumn, between September and November when the weather is mild with summer gone and winter just to start, the mountain view will be clear with unusual snowfall at high elevation and in lower region green vegetation will cover all hill. Moreover, Nepalese great festival, Dashain and Tihar also lies in this season. Travelers can witness the Nepalese people's way of life, celebrations, tradition and cultural heritage with Festival tour in Nepal. So, we help you to plan your Nepal holidays in seasonal and festival times that make your holiday better.

Things to do in Naturally Nepal Tour