Experience the breathtaking Skydiving in Nepal above the skies of Nepal at world's highest peak, Mount Everest and Annapurna. Skydiving means free falling from plane from a certain height opening a parachute. It can be done in groups of people and individual too. Usually skydiving is carried out from around 4000 meters. So, Nepal is perfect destination for skydiving as you can admire everything from above the sky over mountain range of Nepal.

Skydiving in Nepal is being popular adventure and thrilling extreme sports for dare adventurers to jump through air by a helicopter towards mountain range. Although, Nepal is lavishing destination for hiking, trekking, mountaineering and cultural tours skydiving has became the most extravagant experience above them. The most thrilling adventure will rush your adrenaline as you ascend like a bird over scenic Himalayas of Nepal, is a lifetime experience thus, making it bucket list for many who visits Nepal. EHT Travel Pvt. Ltd. offers thrill seekers two Nepal skydiving packages. The first one being Everest Skydive which is free-falling from a plane or chopper onto world's highest drop zone at Kala Patthar right in front of Mount Everest to eye witness some of the tallest mountains and Himalayan range. The other is Pokhara Skydive which will take place at Pame Danda drop zone lets you experience an aerial view of Annapurna mountain range and beautiful Pokhara city.

What to expect in Nepal Skydiving?
You will get to see heart stopping birds eye view of geographical topographies of Nepal including Himalayan range, natural scenery while you plunge through air at 120 miles per hour from around 4000m above. As flying is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating experience one can imagine.

Is it safe to go Skydiving in Nepal?
Although this sport is very safe, you need to sign a liability waiver form after figuring out all the possible risks involved with skydiving. Once you sign up, instructor will demonstrate you all the safety guidance, including step-by-step instructions and correct body posture. If it’s your first time, don't worry, our expert instructor will be making the jump while attached to you. However,it is not suggested to make the jump if you suffer from any sort of injury or serious health issues. You will then be strapped with necessary gears and warmed up, and flown up to 4000m. When the helicopter or plane reaches right altitude, the instructor will take lead and encourage you to jump. You will descent through air for 60-90 seconds, before parachute is opened. You should try to stay cool, take deep breath and enjoy the dive.

Skydiving in Nepal Packages