Home visit program in Bhaktapur

A moment to experience Traditional Newari Culture and Lifestyle while visit in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur, the place of devotees though lies only at the distance of 13 km to the east from the capital city, Kathmandu. One can have an opportunity to experience a different world, the world full of vibrant cultures, traditional art and architectures, generation old craftsmanship, historical monuments, colorful festivals, and on top of that the very worth experiencing indigenous lifestyle – still preserved old house, still practiced traditional ways of welcoming guests, still practiced culinary and cutlery, pottery and weaving industries and what not, still many more to experience, simply in Bhaktpaur home visit program while Tour in Nepal.

Bhaktapur enlisted as one of the UNESCO Heritage sites of Nepal for its rich culture, temples, and wood, metal and stone artworks. The city is known for its brilliant ancient architectures and temples built in pagoda style like Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapola Temple, Bhairabnath Temple, Dattatraya Temple and Changu Narayan. Beside this Bhaktapur is also known for colorful festivals that newar community celebrate each year like Bisket Jatra, Gai Jatra, Indra Jatra. Moreover, the city is also famous for a special type of dahi (yogurt) called Ju Ju Dhau (King Curd).

In Home visit program to Bhaktapur, we offer the guests a moment to feel Home Away from Home with our very selfless behavior and with warm hospitality. We give a tour of a nepali home explaining the Nepali lifestyle still in practice is, and welcome the guests in a traditional way, just the way, we do in general by worshiping them and offering them traditional food that comes with boiled and fried egg, homemade spirit (rakshi), fried fish, special curd and fruits.