Paragliding in Nepal

Very well known to all people and also unforgettable experience that tourist as well as for local can get in Nepal. Paragliding in Nepal is done in Sarangkot hill Pokhara, running from top by professional pilot and landing at certain point with para-suit.

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure of free-flying, foot-launched with no rigid primary structure. Wing shape is maintained by the suspension lines, the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing, and the aerodynamic forces of the air flowing over the outside. Despite not using an engine, para-gliders flight can last many hours and cover many hundreds of kilometers, though flights of one to two hours and covering some tens of kilometers are more the norm. By skillful exploitation of sources of lift, the pilot may gain height, often climbing to altitudes of a few thousand meters.

Paragliding in Nepal is considered an extreme sport that is fun and exciting.  In our case, it is also a serious and responsible piloting job, of which you are a part.  By participating in a Tandem Paragliding flight is  a major part of the flight crew.  The quality of start and landing will greatly depend on you.  As such, it is strongly required that you follow all pilot instructions.