6 Reasons on Why You Should Hire Travel Agency While Travelling to Nepal

Nepal has a lot to offer to the trekkers and explorers with its enormous natural beauty and Himalayan charm as Nepal is home to some of the tallest mountain peaks in the world. From the majestic views of the Himalayas to the diverse culture, tradition and lifestyle one can experience a lot and learn. The dignity of Nepal’s culture and ancient tradition can be observed into various art forms like the architecture, the festivals and the ancient practices and costumes with various lifestyle of the people. Naturally Nepal Tour is undoubtedly wonderful holiday tour destination where you can get the experience of a lifetime, but also unforgettable memories of marvelous Himalayan landscapes. People from all around the world visit Nepal for trekking and hiking in the gorgeous Himalayan countryside. If you are wondering about visiting Nepal, then take a look at the 6 reasons why you should hire Travel agency in Nepal to help you organize your trip!

You should be careful while choosing tour and travel agencies. There are numerous travel agencies in nepal that are not registered with government organizations. Thus, hiring such companies can cause problems to you while tour and trekking as these companies do not compliance with Goverment of Nepal. That is why, you should always hire travel agencies that are registered with the Government of Nepal and possess a valid license from government authorities like Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Guide Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Rastra Bank, etc.

Making this decision to a lot of people is not so difficult, they know that travelling in Nepal is all worth for their hard earned money and vacation. Still, there is a question, whether or not you should be hiring a Travel Agency in Nepal. So, here are 6 reasons on why you should hire a Travel agency while travelling to Nepal just to clarify your doubt :

There will not be a Language barrier

Communication is fundamental when you travel to new geographical area. There are at least a hundred languages spoken in Nepal, and even if the people are friendly, some situations may arise when you and other party can’t understand each other. Well, with a travel agency providing you with a tour and trekking guide, you will no longer face this problem, which means you can learn about people their culture, tradition and lifestyle as much as you want.

You will get better information

Visiting a new place is fun and amazing, of course, but if you are trekking, you would want to know about its history, all the story and every other interesting thing you can grasp. You can also visit without a trekking guide, but you will not get right information and what facts you are learn may not be right. A travel agency will provide you a trekking guide who will give you detailed information about all that you want to know about a place. For instance Festival tour in Nepal, you alone will not be able to fetch the history of Nepalese traditional festival celebrations while with tour agency you will able to achieve all.

You will have Better Time Management

Travelling in Nepal would take a lot of time as there is so much place to explore and visit. So it all depends on how much you can push your body. Let us say that a travel agency in Nepal helps you manage time determining how much you can walk and how much time you have left. A tour and trekking guide will find an easiest way to save your time.

You will get Security

Once you visit Nepal, especially for a trekking adventure you will understand that you need to look after some circumstances that can occur sometimes. For instance, some of your treks like Jungle safari in Nepal could even take you across national parks where there are beautiful animals, which character wise, are dangerous and even when hiking in high altitude area you may need emergency medical rescue with Helicopter rescue in Nepal. Sometimes, a walk in Nepal could be dangerous so, a trekking agency is there to ensure that you are safe.

Better bookings and consultations

Travel agency will help you from a restaurant to eat to a place to spend the night, airplane tickets, etc. there are many bookings you need to make while trekking in Nepal. And sometimes, there could be some discount offers which are only exclusive to some travel agencies, and connecting with them means you can be benefited with that.

Can obtain permits easily

It will be hassle as the process of getting a permit from the offices in Nepal is a slow process and can be a time-consuming task. Thus, when you hire travel agency in Nepal, the agency will take care of this such that you can save your time in Nepal and enjoy other travel-related activities rather than wait in the office. The travel agency will arrange the necessary permits for restricted areas and also will take care of the necessary documents without any annoyance.

While travelling in Nepal, you deserve to explore most out of your journey. So, hiring a travel agency is the best way you could do that.